Hemodynamic Management

The quality of clinical data is a challenge for the hemodynamic diagnosis
It is by observing the pathway of the patient’s clinical data that Vygon identified the moments when they are at risk of degradation throughout the chain. This of course to better limit those risks and help the practitioners to make the right choices in the hemodynamic management of critically ill patients.

A solution relying on 3 pillars: SIGNAL – MONITORING – THERAPY
These 3 pillars contribute together to the quality of the measures and build a consistent solution.
Each pillar needs the performance of the others to create a real value chain for hemodynamic management.
To offer this solution, Vygon combines its complementary competencies: clinical expertise and technologic know-how.

An unaltered signal, translated by a high-performance monitor for an optimal therapy.



In the operating room and ICU, the arterial signal is the starting point of efficient hemodynamic management of critically ill patients. The quality and accuracy of the signal must be reliable to make the right diagnosis.

Inaccurate measurement may cause inappropriate interventions
• Fluids or vasoactive/inotropic support
• Treatment of false hypertension causing a reduction in tissue perfusion Vygon arterial range and especially Leadercath arterial catheters provide the right solution to ensure an unaltered signal is reaching the monitor.



The critically ill patient’s vital signs are monitored continuously in the operating room and intensive care units. Hemodynamic monitoring is at the heart of this surveillance and is a crucial element to take into consideration in the diagnosis process and the related therapeutic decisions. But today, not all critically ill patients are properly monitored because of complex and costly monitoring devices.

Vygon MostCare Up hemodynamic monitor is the simple, affordable, and clinically validated solution for effcient hemodynamic management for all the patients who need the closest attention.



Having the right signal quality and an effcient monitor are key factors for a proper hemodynamic diagnosis of a critically ill patient. But is it enough to complete the whole process of hemodynamic management? If the prescribed drugs don’t reach the patient as per the prescription, the new signal sent to the monitor will not reflect the real reaction of the patient and may lead to diagnosis and therapeutic errors.

Vygon central venous catheters and infusion lines are the right tools for a safe and mastered infusion therapy, adapted to the specifc needs of each patient.

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