MostCareUp accessories

  • Activation cards
    Activation cards
  • Transducer cables – Analog cables
    Transducer cables – Analog cables
  • Activation Custom Pack
    Activation Custom Pack

Activation Cards
MostCareUp activation cards enable the use of the On-Demand version of MostCareUp by activation of the advanced hemodynamic mode. Two major types of cards are available:

Time cards:

    • 24-hours 
    • 30-days
    • Annual 365-days

Use-based cards:

    • Single use 1 patient
    • 10 patients
    • 50 patients 

Activation Custom Pack
A complete arterial procedure pack designed to enable the clinician to manage the hemodynamic status of the patient.

    • Fast: reduces preparation time
    • Safe: comprehensive pack has been shown to reduce the risk of infection during insertion
    • Complete: a single pack for both catheter insertion and activation of advanced hemodynamic parameters with MostCareUp

For further information, please refer to our MostCareUp brochure.

Pack includes:

    • Leadercath Seldinger arterial catheter; 20g x 8cm with excellent high quality signal transmission, without damping
    • Wireless activation of the MostCareUp hemodynamic monitor
    • Ready-to-use: sterile procedure pack to enable successful placement of the arterial catheter.

MostCareUp takes data from the arterial pressure reading to calculate hemodynamic values. Simply select the correct transducer cable from our extensive range.
There is a choice of two digital cable designs. A straight cable that connects the transducer directly into MostCareUp or a ‘Y’ cable design that shares the transducer pressure signal between MostCareUp and your existing blood pressure monitor.

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In addition it is possible to take the arterial pressure reading directly from the arterial blood pressure monitor by connecting MostCareUp via the analog output of the bedside monitor using one of our analog cables.