Standard catheters – Multicath UP

“Choose the right catheter that your patient needs”

The choice of the right multi-lumen central venous catheter (CVC) is determined by three main criteria: the patient’s drug prescription, the site of insertion, and the patient risk to contract a catheter related bloodstream infection (CRBSI).

Patient’s drug prescription
To minimise the risk of drug incompatibilities and infusion errors, the Multicath UP range offers:

    • 2 to 7 lumen CVC.

The more lumens the CVC has, the lower the risks of infusion error and drugs incompatibilities are.

Site of insertion
To prevent catheter movement that may lead to infection, four different lengths are available to match CVC’s insertion site and avoid the use of secondary fixation wings:

    • 12.5cm,
    • 16cm,
    • 20cm, and
    • 30cm.

The use of the integrated Combcard® – ECG cable lead is highly recommended to avoid intracardiac insertions, mechanical complications (e.g. arrhythmia, cardiac erosion, vessel wall erosions,…) and reduce X-ray use.

CRBSI risk
To minimise the risk of catheter related blood stream infection, Multicath UP offers three different material technologies based on patient status and CVC’s anticipated dwell time:

    • standard polyurethane for low risk patient,
    • expert® for middle risk patient, and
    • star® for high risk patient.

Multicath UP – Standard polyurethane
Multicath UP are indicated for low risk patients undergoing planned surgeries with an expected dwell time up to 72 hours.

Multicath expert UP
Multicath expert UP are polyurethane catheters, which integrate a patented ionic silver compound called Agion®. The silver ions are incorporated directly into the catheter material and are continuously released out of the catheter when it comes into contact with blood, body fluids or infusion solutions. The expert® technology has a bacteriostatic activity and is effective against gram+ and gram- bacteria, and fungi.
Multicath expert UP are indicated for middle risk patients, such as emergency patients with unknow patient history, immunocompromised or non-immunocompromised patients with catheter expected dwell time less than 5 days.

Multistar UP
Multistar UP are polyurethane catheters, which are impregnated with two active substances, Rifampicin and Miconazole, chosen for their synergic properties to protect the CVC from gram+ and gram- bacteria, and fungi colonisation.
Multistar UP are indicated for high risk patients, such as immunocompromised or non-immunocompromised patients with catheter expected dwell time above 5 days.


Safety accessories
Multicath UP, Multicath expert UP and Multistar UP are delivered with safety components:

    • Seldisafe® – 18G safety puncture needle;
    • Blood Less System valve;
    • Safety scalpel;
    • Teflon coated Nitinol guidewire;
    • Combcard® – ECG cable lead;
    • Dilator, secondary fixation wings, 5 mL syringe and obturator caps.

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Multicath UP insertion

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