MostCareUp monitor



  • Possibility to move quickly from a patient to another, from a room to another
  • Any peripheral or femoral artery
  • No change on the protocol already in use


  • Exclusive variables of cardiac efficiency and arterial elastance
  • Modern and user-friendly interface and connectivity
  • Patented algorithm for dynamic signal optimisation

Cost effective:

  • No need for additional disposables
  • Flexibility in the use of the monitor: unlimited usage without additional costs
  • Customisable and flexible solutions to offer a high performance at a lower price:
    • Time-based activation
    • Cost per patient solution


  • Realtime tracking of the slightest hemodynamic change
  • Patented algorithm and realtime dicrotic notch detection
  • Wide range of clinical and validation papers

Widely applicable:

  • Applicable to any type of patients including unstable patients
  • Suitable for both operating rooms and intensive care units
  • Widely used also in paediatrics and cardiology


  • Quick set-up of the monitor
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast response to each hemodynamic change even the slightest one
  • No need of internal nor external calibration



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