Multicath Up HF: the Vygon central venous catheter for hemodynamic management



During trauma, sepsis, shock, burn, and high-risk surgery, intravascular volume loss can occur. This hypovolemia is induced either by a pathologic vasodilation that leads to a marked blood pressure decrease or by acute haemorrhages and burns.
This life-threatening patient condition is an emergency and requires first-line large fluid replacement to avoid the risk of morbidity or mortality. With the new Multicath High Flow UP central venous catheters (CVC), you can achieve high volume replacement therapy.

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Multicath HF UP

Multicath HF UP are multi-lumen CVC made of polyurethane and designed to achieve rapid and safe volume replacement up to 400mL/min on their proximal lumen.
Fluid replacement is commonly performed using I.V. cannula because traditional multi-lumen CVC do not provide high flowrates. Now, with Multicath HF UP, flowrate is not a limitation and the use of extra I.V. cannula are no longer required. All you need is a Multicath HF UP and an arterial line to hemodynamically manage your patient.
Multicath HF UP are available in 3 and 5 lumen configurations and 12.5cm, 16cm and 20cm length.

Multicath HF UP have a high pressure rated line. The green distal lumen enables a flow rate up to 5mL/s at a viscosity of 11.8mPas.

Multicath HF UP are delivered with safety components:

  • Seldisafe® – 18G safety puncture needle;
  • Blood Less System valve;
  • Safety scalpel;
  • Teflon coated Nitinol guidewire;
  • Combcard® – ECG cable lead;
  • Dilator, secondary fixation wings, 5mL syringe and obturator caps.

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