PRAM method

MostCareUp is based on a patented algorithm called PRAM (Pressure Recording Analytical Method)1.
PRAM measures the blood pressure signal at a frequency of 1000 samples per second. By using such a high frequency we are able to accurately detect and measure the value of the dicrotic pressure, which provides accurate information on the patient’s vascular condition and ventricle-arterial coupling, without the need for calibration.

MostCareUp uses the position of the dicrotic notch to calculate each patients unique impedance, also known as Z(t). Accordingly MostCareUp provides continuous, real-time accurate data for both adult & paediatric patients including those patients with Arrhythmia as well as patients with venous / venous ECMO, Intra-aortic balloon pump and other challenging cases.

For MostCareUp Every Patient is Unique and managed according to their own specific clinical needs; without the need for calibration and or the use of pre-estimated data to calculate impedance.
This makes MostCareUp one of the most accurate, versatile and user friendly systems available today.

1 Romano SM, Pistolesi M. Assessment of cardiac output from systemic arterial pressure in humans. Crit Care Med 2002 Aug; 30(8): 1834-41.