Hemodynamic Management / Vygon

Continuous pulse contour monitoring for hemodynamic assessment in pediatric critically ill patients

Wednesday 2019, May 15th
14.00-14.45 CET (Paris time)
Speaker: Dr Zaccaria Ricci, MD

Webinar session key take aways:

  • PRAM method for hemodynamic monitoring in children
  • MostCareUp variables to guide hemodynamic optimization
  • Clinical cases and some limitations


Staff anesthesiologist of the Department of Pediatric
Cardiac Surgery at Bambino Gesù Hospital since 2006.
His work has been devoted to the care of pediatric
renal dysfunction and hemodynamic monitoring in the
perioperative care of children with congenital heart diseases.
On these topics, he has been invited as lecturer at national and international conferences and symposia.
With more than 200 articles referenced in PubMed,
he has also published several papers on clinical
application of the PRAM technology in pediatric
post cardiac surgery patients.

When you know what the numbers mean, it changes everything.

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